Indonesia is a vast, highly populated country, bustling with positive energy. The massive majority here belongs to just one religion, Islam. There are rigid laws in force here, which are meant to be followed without question. Gambling is generally considered illegal, and all forms are frowned upon by the religious authorities. The government therefore follows suit, though with some hesitation. But human nature being forever in search of exciting entertainment, the common people simply loves gambling. There are also considerations for foreign tourists, who often come from countries and places where gambling is played openly. The Indonesians have always been hospitable to guests, and have tried to make visitors as comfortable as possible. While physical gambling casinos have been shut down wherever found, the Online Gambling scene has come as a boon to the inveterate gamblers of this country, and its tourists.

In spite of warnings, over 8,000 gambling websites have sprouted on the Internet here. But the very illegality of gambling has created a situation where the vast majority of these sites openly practice dishonesty and looting of their customers without check. This has resulted in loss of faith in Online Gambling all over the country, and a downward trend in the number of online gamblers. But the Indonesians are basically law-abiding, so a reaction has set in. Honest Gambling Sites have banded together, to form Online Gambling Certification, Administration and Regulation Websites, in order to regulate gambling and eliminate the criminal activities. There are now several such quasi-statutory bodies which control Online Gambling in Indonesia, the foremost among which is reckoned to be the Website, about which some further details follow.

Regulatory Bodies

Some of these Bodies are as below:

  • ComeOnCasino.
  • 22BetCasino.
  • JackpotCity Casino.
  • 1XBet Casino.
  • Dafabet Casino.

But the most well-known and trusted Regulatory Body is, which sieves through a vast number of applicant websites to select only the best, and most honest, Gambling Websites.

The Way Ahead

These master websites produce lists of certified online gambling websites who comply with the comprehensive criteria of Enzibet and its sister regulatory bodies. Visitors and intending online gamblers are first registered themselves and converted to members through simple questionnaires, and then presented with list of valid gambling websites. But the full cooperation of the gamblers is sincerely solicited, unless of course they prefer to be cheated by a criminal fringe. The joint action of both together is certainly the way ahead.